SpaceX restores Starlink service after brief outage

SpaceX has successfully restored Starlink connectivity after experiencing a brief but widespread outage that impacted users across the globe.

The outage, which occurred on the evening of Tuesday May 28, 2024, affected a significant portion of Starlink’s user base. The disruption, which lasted approximately one hour, was reported by over 41,000 users according to outage tracking website

The company was quick to address the issue, announcing on the social media platform X that the network issue had been “fully resolved.” Despite the swift resolution, the exact cause of the outage has not been publicly revealed, and Elon Musk has not personally commented on the situation.

Previous disruptions in the service have been attributed to factors ranging from expired security certificates at ground stations to external interference. Recently the Starlink service was able to survive the large geomagnetic storm that hit the Earth unscathed.

Starlink’s network comprises approximately 60 percent of the 7,500 satellites currently orbiting Earth, making it a dominant player in the satellite internet sphere. The service provides internet connectivity to 99 countries, with plans to expand further as it continues to deploy more satellites.

Most recently Starlink has been approved in Zimbabwe by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Although it appears his approval was issued without the knowledge of the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, who said they were still deliberating Starlink’s approval.

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