Ontario residents can now get a rebate of up to $2,000 when buying a used electric vehicle

Since April 2019, Ontario residents have been able to receive $1,000 off the purchase of a used electric vehicle (EV) if they test drive an EV through Plug’n Drive, attend an “EV 101” seminar on the benefits of EV’s, and then show proof of purchasing an EV within the same year.

Now EV buyers in Ontario can double that and get up to $2,000 if they scrap their old gas car when purchasing their used EV or plug-in hybrid. The new Scrappage Incentive, effective February 1, 2020, is to help give a gently push to those drivers wanting to switch to an EV to reduce their carbon footprint.

Since launching the first incentive in April, Plug’n Drive has paid out approximately $30,000 to those who have purchased a used EV through the program. Cara Clairman, President and CEO of Plug’n Drive is excited about the success of the existing incentive, and the potential for more EV drivers now that the incentive has doubled.

We are thrilled at the early results of the Used EV incentive program and look forward to the Scrappage program gaining similar traction. Both programs give consumers an added incentive to make the switch, helping them save money and reduce both GHG emissions and air pollution.

To qualify for the new Scrappage Incentive, you must:

    1. Apply to the Used EV Incentive program by attending a Used EV seminar, taking an EV test drive and purchasing a used fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric car; and
    2. Scrap an old gasoline or diesel-powered car that, at the time of scrapping, is operable and was insured in Ontario for at least the previous six months.

Both incentives are funded privately, with no assistance provided by government and are only available while funding lasts. Compare that to the Scrap-It program in British Columbia which is government funded. Residents there can get $6,000 off the purchase of a new EV when scrapping their old gas car.

It is not surprising there is no government involvement, considering Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative government cancelled a rebate last year that gave $14,000 back to those buying an EV. The cancellation of that rebate saw EV and Tesla sales plummet in the province, hampering Canada’s ability to meet its national targets for EV adoption.

For more information, visit plugndrive.ca.

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