OCBC and Charge + offer unique package for Tesla buyers in Singapore

OCBC Bank, in partnership with Charge +, will offer free charging credits and low-interest EV loans for Tesla buyers in Singapore.

The holistic package includes free charging at Charge + stations for a minimum period of 6 months. However, the deal can be as long as 18 months; for example, if the Tesla buyer is in a condo without an EV charging station, Charge + can install a charger and extend the free charging to 18 months.

On the financing side, the package offers an Eco-Care Car Loan. Priced at 1.68% the loan is an attractive option in the region. In addition, prospective Tesla owners can complete the Pre-approved car loan process, which can instantly approve an applicant after an online application.

Charge + announced earlier in 2020 that they plan to install 10,000 EV charging stations across Singapore by 2030. The charging stations will be in housing estates, condos, and commercial and industrial properties. In addition, charge + embraced the charging as a service model, allowing condo owners to have EV chargers with zero cost.

Source: Eco-Business

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