North Vancouver Tesla Supercharger now open [British Columbia]

Tesla owners in the lower mainland of British Columbia can add another Supercharger to their list. The latest to open is a new location in North Vancouver.

Located behind the London Drugs at 2032 Lonsdale Avenue, the 8-stall Supercharger features the latest V3 technology, capable of charging at speeds of up to 250kW. The station is conveniently located just off the Trans-Canada Hwy and nearby many local amenities.

The Superchargers were turned on earlier today, with the first owner plugging in and sharing on Facebook that it was now open. As with other recent Supercharger openings, the owner reported only getting about 60kW from one of the stalls. Expect those speeds to increase in the coming days.

North Vancouver Supercharger
Image via Erfan Campo Bandi /Facebook

The flipping of the switch took nearly 3 months to happen. Construction first began at the site in early March, and progressed quickly with all the equipment installed and construction fencing removed about a month later.


Another Supercharger in the lower mainland is also complete and waiting to be turned on. In Coquitlam, crews worked quickly to finish construction of a 12-stall V3 Supercharger on Lougheed Hwy. With North Vancouver now open, that site should go live any day now.

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