Number of EVs in Alberta shockingly low, but growing

As the popularity of EVs grow across Canada, Service Alberta numbers show that Alberta is lagging behind most provinces in the number of EVs registered. As of March 31st, just 1,297 electric-only vehicles were registered in the province. If you were to look at hybrids, the number is bit more respectable at 20,702 vehicles.

When compared to a province like BC, where EVs are extremely popular (the Vancouver Tesla store was delivering over 130 Tesla’s per day) and which has a similar population count to Alberta, the Alberta number is 1/10th that of BC, which has more than 12,000 registered EVs.

The good news however for EV fans in Alberta is that the number of registered EV’s is increasing year over year, with registrations up nearly 760 percent over the last 5 years.

Part of the reason for the low numbers could be that Alberta offers no provincial incentives for purchasing an electric vehicle. BC offers buyers a $3,000 incentive, Ontario used to have a $14,000 incentive (no more thanks to the Ontario government…), and Quebec offers an $8,000 incentive.

Another reason could be that Alberta is an oil-friendly province, and purchasing an EV could be seen in a negative light and not seen as supporting the economy of the province.

[Calgary Herald]

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