New Tesla colours spotted at Giga Shanghai – paint or wrap?

A keen-eyed Tesla fan has spotted dozens of new Tesla cars sitting in Giga Shanghai‘s holding lot sporting a series of brand new colours.

The new colours were spotted in some recent drone flyovers of the factory, leading to the question of whether these are new paints or if Tesla China has started wrapping vehicles.

The best view of the colours were spotted by Reddit user u/dashingtomars from a November 4 drone flight by Jason Yang. In at least a dozen new colours can be seen ranging from baby blue and green, to what appears to be either rose gold or pink colour.

Giga Shanghai wraps
Image via Jason Yang /YouTube

We were also able to find evidence of the new colours in another drone flyover by Yang on October 21. This video was taken from a high altitude so it is more difficult to make them out, but there appear to be dozens that are different from the rest. (we didn’t highlight them all, see how many you can find)

Giga Shanghai
Image via Jason Yang /YouTube

All this leads to the question as to whether Tesla is testing out new paint, or is planning on launching an optional vehicle wrap in the near future.

The latter is likely the case as the automaker announced on its Weibo account in August 2020 plans to do exactly that. No details were given at the time about what colours might be available or when it would start offering the service.

What do you think these are, new paint colours or vehicle wraps? Let us know in the comments below.

You can watch the two done flyovers below.

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