Ford Mach-E EPA range revealed in Monroney sticker

While neither the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) have published the official range ratings for the Ford Mach-E, the Monroney sticker has revealed it for at least one variant.

According to an image posted to the MachEForum, the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium with the extended-range battery has an EPA estimated range of 270 miles (434km).

Ford Mach-E EPA range Monroney sticker
Image via MachEForum

That number comes in pretty close to the early estimates the automaker has been publishing, and provides a solid range for Ford’s first attempt at an EV.

While the range is near the top of its class, it is equipped with a large 88kWh battery pack. The Mach-E Premium achieves an efficiency of 90MPGe, or 374Wh/mi (233Wh/km), far off the Long Range (LR) Model Y’s ratings of 125MPGe, or 270Wh/mi (168Wh/km) with a smaller 75kWh battery pack.

The LR Model Y has an EPA rating of 326 miles (525km).

It is also interesting to the Monroney sticker classifies the Mach-E as a “small station wagon”, and not an SUV as it has typically been referenced in the media, and even by Ford themselves.

Ford Mach-E SUV Google

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