Mobile connector bundle will be included for orders before April 17th

After a few days of chaos around the Mobile Connector Bundle, it looks like things have finally settled down.

Plus, we now have a hard date on when a Mobile Connector Bundle will not be included as a standard accessory with your car.

A Reddit post on r/TeslaMotors confirmed that a Tesla salesperson noted that any vehicles ordered after April 17th 2022, will not include the connector bundle.

As well, Trev Page on Twitter also confirmed that the bundle would not come as part of the standard accessories on vehicles ordered after April 17th.

This means that if you are currently waiting for your car and ordered before April 17th, your vehicle will come with a connector bundle.

However, if you order a vehicle today and want the Mobile Connector Bundle, you will need to pay for it.

US customers will pay $200 USD. While for those of us in Canada, the Mobile Connector Bundle will put you back $370 CAD.

Of note, on the Canadian Tesla Store, the Mobile Connector Bundle is currently out of stock.

Tesla did not confirm when the bundle would come back in stock for those of us in Canada.

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