Michigan House Bill 6233 fails to make it past the Senate, effectively killing the anti-Tesla bill for now

Earlier this month we reported on Michigan House Bill (HB) 6233, which was supposed to allow Tesla and other EV automakers like Lucid and Rivian to conduct direct-to-consumer sales and open Service Centers in the state.

That all changed when lawmakers passed an amended bill at the last minute which removed that specific language. In the process it also protected the three big Detroit automakers.

The bill still needed Senate approval, but based on a report from Roadshow, it looks like that won’t happen before their next recess.

According to a Lucid spokesperson, the move effectively kills the bill, for now.

“Lucid Motors is pleased that HB 6233 failed after the Michigan Senate ended its session without taking action on the bill,” the company said in a statement. “The legislation passed by the Michigan House of Representatives was anticompetitive and undermined consumers’ access to different products and consistent, dependable automotive service. These legislative efforts — and similar efforts in other states — are clearly driven by special interests, not consumers, as nearly 70% of all EVs sold in Michigan in 2019 were sold directly to consumers.” 

Despite the good news, Lucid expects the state to tackle the issue again during its next session, but they remain hopeful “that state leaders will make the right decisions for their constituents and to encourage economic growth.”

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