Mercedes to drop EQ branding for its EVs in the near future

It appears that Mercedes will be dropping the EQ branding for its EVs as soon as the next generation.

Per reporting by Handelsblatt, the change is due to the automaker turning away from combustion engines.

As the EQ brand is synonymous with EVs, it becomes redundant if the entire lineup is EVs.

Although we have seen some reports about the change, Mercedes is not confirming anything as of yet.

A spokesperson for Mercedes EQ said this about the brand to Reuters:

With the goal of our parent brand Mercedes-Benz becoming fully electric by the end of the decade, we will adapt the positioning of the vehicles and thus also the use of the brand in line with the times, but it is too early for details on this at the moment.

Although Mercedes does say we are too early, the next generation of vehicles is coming at the end of 2024.

So, we could see a slow transition in terms of branding over the next 18 months or so.

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