Mazda MX-30 returns to Canada and the US for 2023 with same 161km range and a higher price

Despite having an industry worst 161km (100 mile) range and selling only 8 units in July last year, Mazda is not only bringing back the MX-30 to Canada and the US for 2023, it is doing so with the same range and a higher price.

Earlier this week Mazda teased the release of the 2023 MX-30 with a statement that it will come as a plug-in hybrid version that will feature a “newly developed rotary engine” that would extend its range. Despite this Mazda Canada and Mazda USA announced yesterday it will be coming with the same 35.5kWh battery and paltry 161km (100 mile range).

In its press release Mazda says the MX-30 is “designed to meet the needs of most urban residents,” and goes into great detail about the car’s design and features in an attempt to justify its high price, which is now higher in 2023.

When the MX-30 was released last year the base GS trim level started at $42,150 CAD ($33,470 USD). In 2023 that price has been bumped up $500 to $42,650 in Canada and $640 in the US to $34,110.

That price keeps it below the $45,000 threshold for Canada’s $5,000 iZEV rebate.

Mazda also offers a premium trim level referred to as the MX-30 GT in Canada, which had a starting price of $47,150. That is now $47,150, another $500 increase. There is a MX-30 with Premium Plus package in the US, which starts at $37,120.

Another change for this year is that the MX-30 will be available across all of Canada, whereas in 2022 it was only available in British Columbia and Quebec. In the US it will continue to only be sold in California.

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