Mazda launching up to 8 EVs before 2030

Mazda has come around to taking electric vehicles seriously, but the question will be whether it will be too little and too late. The Japanese automaker says it will launch up to eight EVs before 2030. However, some of the company’s fans might be disappointed to know there is no plan for a power sports car.

After a lackluster MX-30, Mazda is stepping up its EV game significantly, but not until toward the end of the decade with a slew of EVs. They will be based on a purpose-built electric vehicle platform, which will be modular. The platform will be ready between 2025 and 2027 and produced initially in Japan before moving to North America in 2028.

The Japanese automaker, however, has not promised any power sports car like the Miata, which enthusiasts have waited in vain for an electric version. The new EV platform will mainly support crossovers and SUVs, with plans for EVs powered by one or two electric motors.

Mazda CEO Masahiro Moro explained the decision, “I’d like Mazda to introduce a nice-looking SUV with more of an SUV look. We are evaluating customer needs, because if you use a high-power motor, it requires a lot of battery capacity, which makes the vehicle heavier and more expensive. For example, 110 kilowatts would be a high-power motor. We are looking at 70, 80, 90, 110 kilowatts, that range. We are evaluating one motor and two motors. It is not decided.” (via Automotive News)

Mazda expects its sales to be between 25% and 40% electric by 2030. It previously announced an $11 billion electrification plan about a year ago.

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