Rivian begins installations of redesigned R1T powered tonneau cover

Rivian has begun the rollout of its redesigned powered tonneau cover for the R1T. The company had previously suspended production of the original powered cover over a year ago due to its tendency to break, prompting a comprehensive redesign.

According to reports from a Rivian Forums user, the updated tonneau cover is now being installed for R1T owners, a couple of months later than originally planned. The improvements include an updated spring system to prevent misalignment, reinforced gearing, and an internal self-cleaning mechanism. Engineers conducted rigorous tests, including pouring sand over the mechanism without encountering any issues.

The redesign does retain the use of a single motor, resulting in a slow retracting action similar to the original version. “I think it works and sounds much better now! The slats don’t sound like they are bending and fighting each other and the motor isn’t getting as bogged down,” forum user ColoradoAdventure noted.

The initial powered cover faced criticism for being loud and prone to jams, leading to it being pulled in October of last year, going instead with a manual option. In May, Rivian’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, unveiled the updated version alongside its manual counterpart. While the manual cover began shipping in June, the powered variant faced delays in reaching customers.

For existing R1T owners, the updated cover is offered at no cost. The replacement is also covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for up to five years or 60,000 miles. Rivian, as of now, has not provided details on availability, but forum users in California and Colorado reported receiving the updated cover. Pricing for the new powered tonneau cover has not been released.

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