Tesla Slashes Model Y Prices Across Europe

Tesla has made significant price cuts to its Model Y lineup across several European countries. The price cuts are the second for the automaker this year, coming just days after the company implemented price reductions in China for both the Model 3 and Model Y.

In Germany, where the Model Y was the most popular electric car in 2023, the price of the electric SUV has been reduced by as much as 9%. The most affordable variant, the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), saw a price cut of €1,900 (C$2,700), bringing it down to €42,990 (C$63,000).

More substantial reductions were made to the higher-end variants, with the Long Range (LR) and Performance (P) variants experiencing a €5,000 (C$7,300) drop, now priced at €49,990 (C$73,300) and €55,990 (C$82,150) respectively.

What is most interesting about these changes in Germany is how they affected the pricing structure relative to the Model 3. With the reductions, the Model Y RWD is now priced the same as the Model 3 RWD, both starting at €42,990, while the Model Y LR at €49,990 is actually cheaper than the Model 3 LR at €51,990.

These price adjustments are not limited to Germany. In France, Tesla slashed Model Y prices by 5.7% to 6.7%, while Dutch customers will see reductions of 4.3% to 7.7%. Norway, another significant market for Tesla in Europe, witnessed price cuts ranging from 5.6% to 7.1%. (via @wallstengine)

Adding complexity to Tesla’s European operations, Giga Berlin, which only produces the Model Y, is slated to halt most production for two weeks starting January 29. Tesla attributes this pause to parts issues linked to disruptions in Red Sea shipping routes.

These European price adjustments come just a few days after Tesla also reduced prices in China. There the price reductions impacted the Model Y and the Model 3, but were less substantial than those in Europe, topping out at around C$2,900.

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