Lucid releases their version of Dog Mode – Creature Comfort Mode

Lucid has added a new feature to its Air sedan through a free over-the-air (OTA) software update called Creature Comfort Mode, which as the name implies, is their version of Tesla’s Dog Mode.

Tesla first added Dog Mode in early 2019, rolling it out in a free software update alongside Sentry Mode. In a Tesla the feature allows you to keep your pet comfortable in the car if you ever have to leave them alone for a few minutes by being able to keep the HVAC powered on, something you can’t do in an internal combustion engine (ICE) car unless you keep the car running while you are in the store.

Not only can you keep your pet comfortable, you can also keep an eye on them through the cabin camera, from which you can access a live video feed through the mobile app.

Tesla was first to introduce Dog Mode, but was followed by Rivian, with their release of Pet Comfort mode last year, and Ford seemingly has a similar feature in pipeline. Now Lucid has followed suit, with Creature Comfort Mode.

creature comfort2
Credit: Lucid

Added in Lucid software update 2.1.6, Creature Comfort Mode mimics Dog Mode and Pet Comfort Mode, allowing you to set the climate at your desired temperature. While you can monitor the temperature through Lucid’s mobile app, there is no way to check in on your pet through a cabin camera.

“With this update we are introducing Creature Comfort Mode. This feature was added to allow you to leave your pets in the vehicle with the climate control set to your desired temperature. Using this you can keep pets comfortable and safe while you are away from your vehicle. While you are away, we prominently display that Creature Comfort Mode is active and that your pet is safe in the unattended vehicle,” the release notes state.

Once the feature is active, a message saying “Creature Comfort Mode On. My person will be back soon” will appear on the 34″ cockpit display, along with the cabin temperature, to let passersby know not to break the window and rescue your pet.

Additionally, Lucid says the feature will stay activated until the battery is at 1% state of charge (SOC).

lucid creature comfort mode
Credit: Lucid
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