Lucid offering special Air lease offer attached with Gravity order and delivery priority

Lucid is offering some of its customers a discounted, and flexible lease option on its luxury electric sedan, the Air, with the promise that it will also come with order and delivery priority when it comes time to launch their electric SUV, the Gravity.

According to a post on the Lucid Owners forum, user manitou202 says they were an early reservation holder for the Air Grand Touring, but decided to cancel their reservation in May 2022, deciding instead to wait for the Gravity. With their contact information in Lucid’s database, they were recently offered a test drive of an Air Touring model, which they took the company up on to get their first experience behind the wheel of a Lucid vehicle.

While impressed with the test drive, they didn’t pull the trigger and purchase the Air, still wanting an SUV over a sedan. However with Lucid still struggling to sell their cars, they didn’t give up on this customer, emailing them six weeks later with an 18-month lease offer, with the same rates as a 36-month lease, plus priority status for both order and delivery of the upcoming Gravity.

Not only that, the lease term is flexible and can be shortened or extended, depending on when exactly the Gravity is first delivered. This offer was tempting enough that the user took them up on it, signing the lease on a Air Touring in Quantum Grey.

As for when the Gravity will become reality, Lucid is planning to reveal the electric SUV for the first time in November. However it is not slated to start production until late 2024, putting the timeline for the first deliveries in early 2025.

The Gravity will be built at the company’s AMP-1 facility in Casa Grande, Arizona, which will eventually have a capacity to build 400,000 electric vehicles per year. Lucid also just opened up its second factory, AMP-2, last week in Saudi Arabia. At first it will only assemble pre-built cars shipped over from AMP-1, which it refers to as “semi knocked-down (SKD) assembly,” with an annual capacity of 5,000 cars, before later having the capacity to build 150,000 cars per year from the ground up.

Lucid has struggled to produce and sell its cars. In their Q2 2023 report Lucid said it produced 2,173 Air sedans and delivered 1,404 of them, adding up to just 2,810 deliveries in the first half of the year. The company was originally hoping to deliver 14,000 cars this year, but that figure has since dropped to “over 10,000,” a figure which they will be hard pressed to meet based on weak Q3 registration data.

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