Lucid Moves Forward with Gravity SUV Testing on Public Roads

Lucid, the luxury electric vehicle (EV) maker, is one step closer to introducing its next big project to the market. The Lucid Gravity SUV has moved closer to production as the vehicle transitions to public road testing throughout the United States.

Lucid first hinted at the Gravity SUV several years ago and finally launched the vehicle in late 2022. The company opened reservations immediately. During the launch, Lucid detailed the Gravity SUV’s spaciousness, offering performance comparable to a supercar.

Lucid’s Senior VP of Design, Derek Jenkins, said, “It is both a supercar in disguise and an SUV with flexible passenger and cargo space that seems impossibly big relative to the exterior size of the vehicle. And it does this all with Lucid’s distinctive post-luxury design, inspired by California.”

Lucid has now moved from making prototypes to testing them on the roads. Road tests allow the manufacturer to see how a new model will perform in an everyday setting. This process can take months.

The Gravity SUV will have its own dedicated production line in the AMP-1 factory.

Lucid is joining the growing list of automakers offering luxury electric SUVs. The Gravity SUV will compete with Tesla’s Model X, Audi’s e-Tron, and Mercedes-Benz’s EQC.

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