Lucid Motors claims its upcoming Air EV will have an EPA range over 500 miles

Lucid Motors is set to unveil its first luxury electric vehicle (EV), the Lucid Air, during an online event on September 9.

Ahead of its official unveiling, the company has revealed it will have an EPA estimated range of 517 miles (832km). The only catch is the EPA hasn’t officially confirmed the numbers yet.

Since production isn’t scheduled to begin until next year, Lucid hired vehicle development company FEV North America to put the pre-production version through the same tests the EPA conducts when officially rating a vehicle’s fuel consumption.

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Those tests estimated the range at over 500 miles, a number that if officially confirmed would smash the current record holder, the Tesla Model S. The flagship sedan was recently re-certified with a range of 402 miles (647km).

Lucid claims the extraordinary range is thanks in part the low drag coefficient, which we recently reported as being the lowest for any EV at 0.21. That number beat the previous record holder, the Porsche Taycan at 0.22. The Model 3 is the lowest of all Tesla vehicles at 0.23.

No official pricing numbers have been published, but it is expected to have a base price of $60,000 USD ($79,600 CAD), with more expensive versions selling for as much as $100,000 USD ($133,000 CAD).

Source: Lucid Motors

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