Lucid hiring to bring Apple Music and Amazon Music to its cars

Lucid is gearing up to integrate two more music apps to their luxury electric vehicles (EVs). According to a recent job posting the company is looking for a Senior Product Manager, Media Partner Management, who will help bring native support for Apple and Amazon Music to their in-car software.

The job posting published on LinkedIn is seeking a Senior Product Manager, with the first responsibility listed as “fulfill responsibilities of Product Owner for Apple, Amazon Music, and other Media app partners.” This suggests that Lucid’s Air sedan will soon feature direct integration with Apple Music and Amazon Music. Lucid is also preparing to debut the Gravity SUV at the LA Auto Show later this month, which is expected to enter production late in 2024. (via Electrek)

While the exact timeline for the integration of Apple Music and Amazon Music into Lucid vehicles is unclear,  the apps will hopefully have launched by then and also be included on the Gravity.

While this will provide Lucid owners with integrated access to the two music apps, they can already access them if they have them on their mobile device. Earlier this year Lucid added Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to its multimedia offerings. All existing owners received the new features through a free over-the-air (OTA) software update, and all new cars now come with the software as standard equipment.

While Amazon Music has yet to find its way into Tesla vehicles, the automaker finally added Apple Music support late last year as part of the annual Holiday Update, after years of requests by owners. Other music streaming apps integrated into Tesla vehicles includes TIDAL, Spotify, and Slacker, and TuneIn.

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