LAZ Parking to install 500 Tesla charging connectors in parking lots across the US

Tesla Destination Charging

LAZ Parking has announced a new electric vehicle (EV) charging initiative that will see the installation of 500 Tesla charging connectors across the US.

As one of the largest parking companies in the US, LAZ Parking said the fact that Tesla represents more than 85% of EVs in the US today made the decision to install the chargers an easy one.

“This initiative recognizes the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market and positions our clients to meet the fast-growing demand for charging stations,” said LAZ chairman and chief executive Alan Lazowski.

The program will be launched in phases, with the initial launch focusing on their residential, commercial, hotel, and retail locations.

Plugging in won’t be free. LAZ Parking did not disclose the fees associated with charging, but did say the rates would be “competitive and comparable to other Tesla chargers in the area.”

Tesla owners will be able to find the charging connectors using the in-car navigation or on Tesla’s website.