Lucid Air fast charging test: peak over 300kW, 50kWh added in 11 minutes

After a test on an Electrify America DC fast-charging station, the Lucid Air charged faster than a Tesla Model S or a Porsche Taycan.

The Lucid Air Dream Edition went from 0% to 80% in 37 minutes and took 45 minutes to get from 80% to 100%, in a test performed by Tom Moloughney at InsideEVs.

The differential between 0-80 and 80-100 is typical for all vehicles charging at a DC fast-charging station.

In a first for an EV, the Lucid peaked at over 300 kW during the test. This allowed the Lucid Air Dream Edition to charge its battery pack to 50 kWh in 11 minutes.

In comparison, the Tesla Model S took 15 minutes to reach 50 kWh. While the Porsche Taycan took 23 minutes to hit the same benchmark.

The Lucid numbers are not actually a surprise to those who have seen the Air’s numbers. Lucid quotes 300 miles of charging in 20 minutes, and the results suggest this number is accurate.

The full range of the Lucid Air Dream Edition is 520 miles, but the fact they can get more than half of that in 20 minutes is impressive.

The only catch to reaching these charging speeds for your own Lucid Air is that you would need to find a 350 kW charging station which can be a little challenging!

You can check out the full video below.

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