Volkswagen ID.4 deliveries begin in the U.S.

VW ID4 delivery
Credit: blindsid | VWIDTalk

A week after the first shipment of Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicles (EVs) arrived in the United States, the first customers have now started taking delivery.

Two new owners have reported taking delivery today of a limited 1st Edition ID.4 on the forums. User Bindslind from Massachusetts posted a photo of his blue ID.4, saying he was still completing the paperwork to finalize the sale.

VW ID4 delivery
Image via Bindslid /VWIDTalk

Another user going by the name of Andy showed off his ID.4 1st Edition that he leased from North Penn VW in Colmar, Pennsylvania after trading in his 2018 Audi A3 e-tron.

When asked by another forum member about the build quality, he commented the design and layout may take some getting used to, but overall the car was well put together.

“This car seems to be very well screwed together. Some of the design and layout choices, not so much, but the builders seem to have followed the blueprints to a t. It’s very smooth with no clunks or rattles, things open and close solidly.”

VW ID4 lease
Image via Andy /VWIDTalk

The VW ID.4 1st Edition comes equipped with an 82kWh battery (77kWh usable) and has an estimated EPA range of 250 miles (402km) on a single charge.

Canadians can expect to hear more about their ID.4 reservations soon. The automaker is still planning a late spring or early summer release of the electric SUV in Canada, although pricing has still not been announced.

Based on U.S. pricing (the First Edition starts at $43,995 USD), we expect it to be priced close to the $55,000 limit for the Canadian iZEV rebate.

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