List of Siri commands that work with new Tesla mobile app

Last night Tesla released a brand new version of their mobile app with a fresh new design and a number of new features.

The release notes listed many of the new features, but one that surprisingly didn’t make it on the list was Siri integration. With the integration, you can now use voice commands to control and get information on your vehicle, all without opening the app.

So far the integration appears to be limited, and only a handful of commands have been found to work. We’ll keep updating the list as more are discovered, and also what doesn’t work.

Keep checking back for updates, and if you find any commands that work, let us know in the comments below or follow us on Twitter and let us know there.

Working commands

  • Hey Siri, unlock the car
  • Hey Siri, lock the car
  • Hey Siri, what’s the range of my car (h/t: @tesletter)

Non-working commands

  • Hey Siri, vent the windows on the car
  • Hey Siri, open the windows on the car
  • Hey Siri, ask Tesla to vent the windows
  • Hey Siri, ask Tesla to open the windows
  • Hey Siri, open the frunk
  • Hey Siri, open the trunk
  • Hey Siri, warm up the Tesla to X degrees
  • Hey Siri, cool down the Tesla to X degrees
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