Tesla Cybertruck deliveries paused for accelerator pedal cover issue

Tesla has paused all Cybertruck deliveries to address an issue with the accelerator pedal cover. The pause is expected to last until at least April 20, 2024.

In the last 36 hours numerous Cybertruck reservation holders have reported on social media that their delivery appointments had been cancelled or pushed back due to an “unexpected delay,” according to information relayed to these customers from employees. While customers have not been an exact explanation for the pause in deliveries, Drive Tesla has learned it is due to an issue with the accelerator pedal cover.

Unlike all of Tesla’s S3XY vehicles, which have a top mounted (hanging) accelerator pedal, the Cybertruck has a floor mounted accelerator pedal. With this design, the driver uses their entire foot to apply pressure to the pedal in a forward/upwards direction (especially when putting “pedal to the metal”), instead of only using the top of the foot to depress a hanging accelerator pedal.

You can see the difference here, showing the Cybertruck’s floor mounted accelerator pedal with the hanging brake pedal.

Credit: @greggertruck | X

Like Tesla’s other premium vehicles, you can also see the Cybertruck has pedal covers, and it is the cover on the accelerator pedal that is causing an issue.

According to information shared with Drive Tesla, the problem arises when the accelerator pedal is subjected to excessive force over a prolonged period. This can cause the pedal cover to shift out of position, due to lubricant residue from production.

As a result, Tesla has placed a hold on all Cybertrucks waiting to be delivered as they work on developing an improved cover without lubricant residue, which isn’t expected to be ready until at least April 19, 2024. Once it is ready, parts will be shipped to Service Centers for replacement.

Tesla is hoping to resume deliveries on April 20, although due to the backlog of not completing any Cybertruck deliveries for a week, some customers will have to wait a little longer to get their Cybertruck as deliveries will be staggered due to an initially low volume of parts availability.

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