LG Energy Solutions Is Launching a Pilot 4680 Battery Production Line for Tesla

LG Chem

LG Energy Solutions – a subsidiary of LG Chem – is currently converting some of its production lines to produce 4680 batteries for Tesla.

According to South Korean reports, LG has already installed assembly and electroplating equipment. Its production line is being built as quickly as possible, attempting to operate before its rival – Panasonic.

It is expected that LG will invest millions of dollars into the project.

Panasonic has also been planning on creating a 4680 battery pilot line. Its production facility has been undergoing preparation in Osaka, Japan. Once completed, production for Tesla’s 4680 cells will begin immediately. Panasonic expects that it will continue to be Tesla’s primary battery supplier, but LG is planning on taking its place.

In regards to Tesla also becoming a competitor in the battery sector, Panasonic is reportedly not concerned.

“The electrode structure is difficult because of its high capacity. The electrode structure is difficult because of its large capacity. We will make prototypes in Japan and establish a manufacturing method. High reliability is one of our strengths. There is no concern that Tesla will become a competitor,” Kazuhiro Tsuga, Panasonic President, noted.

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