Tesla Model Y dominated China’s premium segment in February

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Model Y emerged as the best-selling BEV in China in February, thanks to solid sales. The SUV was also the best-selling in the premium NEV segment.

Chinese buyers snapped up 25,525 Model Ys, allowing it to top the charts across multiple categories. It was the best-selling battery-electric vehicle (BEV). The BYD Dolphin came second with 22,682 units sold.

However, when the whole new energy vehicle (NEV) segment is considered, the Model Y topped the list among cars costing between RMB 200,000 (about $28,975) and RMB 300,000 (about $43,462). The BYD Tang DM took a distant second place in this category with 10,783. The Model 3 came third with 8,397 units, as reported by Tasmanian.

The Model Y retained its first position in the best-selling premium SUV category, with the BYD Tang DM in second place. The top three was rounded off by the BYD Corvette 07, selling 6,429 units.

The Model Y still benefits from significant price cuts in January, although Tesla competitors have responded with discounts. The SUV was the second best-selling in the premium category in China in January.

Chinese buyers willing to spend more can now order the Model X and Model S, with Tesla resuming importation from California this week and deliveries expected to begin later this month.

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