Las Vegas Boring Company tunnels begin testing with Tesla vehicles

The Boring Company tunnels underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center are getting closer to opening next year as testing of the new “people mover” has now begun.

Construction of the first tunnel began late last year, with construction of the second 4,475ft tunnel completing in May of 2020.

It now looks like the twin tunnels are at a stage where testing can begin, as two Tesla vehicles were recently spotted entering the tunnel on a nearby surveillance camera.

While the video quality isn’t the greatest, we can see what appears to be a Model 3 and Model X waiting to drive down a ramp and enter one of the tunnels. After a lengthy wait, the white Model 3 finally enters, followed closely behind by the Model X.

The company revealed earlier this year a fleet of Tesla vehicles would be used to move people from one end of the Las Vegas Convention Center ground to the other.

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They also revealed in a series of renders the design of the three station types – surface, subsurface, and open-air.

h/t: Tesmanian

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