Kia Telluride sized EV9 is heading to the US in 2023

Kia revealed that the EV9 is coming to the United States in 2023.

According to reporting by Motor Authority, the three-row SUV will be the electric alternative to the popular Kia Telluride.

Kia first showed off the EV9 in late 2021 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

At that time, Kia executives noted that the EV9 should have around 300 miles, 482 km, of range.

However, since the EV9 concept first appeared, we have not seen much in terms of specs, looks, or anything else.

In terms of starting price, the EV9 will start at around $50,000. This is roughly $15,000 more than its gas-powered cousin, but this is not a big surprise.

As well, the EV9 will be built on Kia’s E-GMP global platform. Additionally, the vehicle will feature bi-directional charging and will be on an 800-volt architecture.

Kia America’s VP of Marketing also confirmed that Kia’s electric truck is coming.

However, he did not confirm that it would be coming to North America. He also clarified that the upcoming electric pickup is not a value-oriented product.

At least to say, the EV9 could be a popular vehicle in the US. Presently, the number of three rowed EV SUVs is lacking, and if Kia makes a solid product, it could be a home run for the South Korean automaker.

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