Tesla Cybertruck Gets New Off-Road Powers: Overland and Baja Modes, Lockers, and More

Tesla is preparing to release a new software update for the Cybertruck that will include a slew of new off-road features, including new driving mode, locking differentials (lockers), and more, making the all-electric pickup a top contender in off-road exploration.

Revamped Off-Road Experience

The Cybertruck is set to receive an array of features designed to tackle challenging terrains more effectively. Among these are the new “Overland Mode” and “Baja Mode”. Overland Mode ensures more consistent handling and improved traction across diverse landscapes such as rock, gravel, deep snow, or sand.

Meanwhile, Baja Mode enhances the vehicle’s balance and reduces the constraints of Stability Assist, allowing for a freer, more responsive driving experience in rugged environments.

Credit: Tesla

Enhanced Mechanical Capabilities

Further solidifying its off-road prowess, Tesla has introduced locking differentials for both dual and tri-motor versions, which are crucial for navigating uneven or slippery surfaces. This feature allows the Cybertruck to redirect torque to the wheel with the most grip, ensuring better traction and stability.

The Cyberbeast, Tesla’s tri-motor model, benefits from a virtual rear locked differential that is continuously active in Overland Mode, providing an even greater advantage in challenging conditions.

Trail Assist and Safety Features

Adding to the off-road enhancements, Tesla’s Trail Assist acts like cruise control for rugged terrain. It helps maintain a consistent cruising speed, allowing drivers to focus more on steering than on acceleration or braking, which is particularly useful on steep ascents or descents.

This feature, along with advanced traction control for slippery surfaces like ice and snow, ensures safety and comfort, even under less than ideal driving conditions.

CyberTent Mode

For those who enjoy the wilderness, there is CyberTent Mode. This feature automatically levels the suspension to provide a flat surface, ideal for setting up the CyberTent. It ensures that the tonneau cover remains open to accommodate the tent while keeping essential amenities like lights, air conditioning, and power outlets running.

Credit: Tesla
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