Israel gives the green light to Tesla’s Autopilot after earlier banning it

Tesla Autopilot

Late last year it was revealed that Tesla was going to begin operations in Israel, and would soon open a pop-up store in a popular up-scale mall.

Since then, Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety opted to ban Tesla’s Autopilot system on the belief that it was against Israel’s current laws that require two hands on the wheel at all times.

After spending some time inspecting the system and engaging in discussions with Tesla, the ministry has now reversed that decision and will allow Tesla vehicles to be sold in the country with Autopilot enabled, according to a report from Calcalist.

The reversal does not include the other smart features like Smart Summon and Autopark, both of which allow the vehicle to operate without someone behind the wheel. They are reportedly looking into legislative changes that would allow the autonomous features, but a change is not expected quickly.

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