Hundreds of Model Y’s spotted outside of Giga Berlin- Drone Footage

Although Giga Berlin might not be fully operational, the factory has produced a limited run of Model Y’s.

According to drone footage by Tobias Lindh, Giga Berlin has recently produced a few hundred good-quality Model Y vehicles.

Tesla has yet to receive its final permit from the State Environmental Agency, but they were allowed a limited run of production of 2,000 test vehicles. These vehicles are not production vehicles. Instead, Tesla is tweaking their production line to be ready to go when they do receive their permit.

According to local reporting, Tesla Giga Berlin should receive its full and final approval in mid-March.

Under the pre-approval, Tesla can manufacture 500 bodies per week to a maximum of 2,000 bodies. They can also process 6,000 parts per week to a maximum of 26,000. However, Tesla cannot sell any parts or bodies produced under the pre-approval.

Most of the vehicles were black, with a few white Model Y’s thrown in. The footage does not appear to show any of Tesla’s new paint colours are included in this batch of vehicles.

The Berlin factory has the most advanced paint shop in the company. The three new paint colours are coming out of this paint factory, including Deep Crimson, Abyss Blue, and Mercury Silver.

Check out the video for yourself down below.

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