Tesla puts plans to build second identical Giga Berlin on hold

According to reporting by German media outlet Automobilwoche, Tesla is putting plans to mirror their existing facility at Giga Berlin on hold.

The company wants to double production at their sole European plant from 500k units per year to 1 million units per year.

According to sources, although they could have looked to expand the existing plant, the company would instead mirror their current factory.

However, according to the report, the construction of this new plant has been postponed indefinitely.

The focus for Tesla at Giga Berlin remains on starting up the car and cell production at the European facility.

However, the company is obviously already looking down the line to expand its production rate.

It is not clear if Tesla will reengage with the German government later on for permissions, but evidently, the auto manufacturer may look to do something similar at other sites.

While Tesla has put plans for a second factory on hold, they are still waiting to receive the final approvals on their first.

The automaker was originally hoping to begin production at Giga Berlin-Brandenburg in 2021, but delays and a complicated bureaucratic process have pushed a potential approval until at least mid-March.

Tesla did not provide a comment on the change in plans in Germany.

Tesla Model Y made at Giga Berlin has driven from Norway to Sweden

Source: Automobilewoche via @SawyerMerritt

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