Tesla app enhances automation with Apple Shortcuts

mobile app

Tesla continues to improve its app, adding Apple Shortcuts into its IOS Smartphone app with the latest update. This opens the door to automation for Tesla owners.

The iOS gained Shortcuts as a feature in 2018, allowing iPhone and iPad owners to use macros to carry out specific actions on their devices. For example, iPhone owners can use Shortcuts to activate lower power mode when their battery percentage drops significantly.

Shortcuts was first noticed in the Tesla app by Tesla App Updates (iOS). It allowed the phone OS to access Climate Control Features, “Just for Fun,” etc.

These Shortcuts can enable drivers to make their Tesla ownership more interesting. For example, they can lock their car when not nearby and open the trunk or frunk automatically for unloading cargo when they get home.

Other possibilities include enabling sentry mode, Dog Mode, opening and closing the charging port, starting and stopping charging, starting and stopping preconditioning, etc.

The update that includes Shortcuts is 4.24.0, which is already live in the App Store with the description, “Access your vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.”

Apple Airplay support might be coming to the IOS app soon.

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