This concept shows what a weather map layer in your Tesla could look like

weather layer
Credit: @deleetdesign /Twitter

Despite Elon Musk saying more than one and a half years ago that adding a weather radar overlay to a Tesla’s display would be possible, we have yet to see any hints of the feature making it into production.

While we continue to wait, one Model 3 owner and has taken matters into his own hands and created an incredible concept of what this feature could look like, and how helpful it could for trip planning.

Created by @deleetdesign, the weather map layer is turned on through a small umbrella icon. When active there are three different information layers available – precipitation, wind, and temperature.

However, @deleetdesign takes it one step further, and uses the weather information to interact with the trip planning feature.

In his mockup, there is a winter storm warning along his route to South Lake Tahoe. Using available information from the weather service, the location of the warning is displayed on the map, and tapping on it brings up detailed information.

Included are options to read the full detailed forecast, or find a new route to avoid the potentially bad driving conditions.

This isn’t the only concept created by @deleetdesign. Last month he also created his own version of the V11 user interface (UI), making it much more customizable and user friendly.

You can check out the video showing the mockup in action below.

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