Here are the new Project Highland Tesla Model 3 wheel designs

Tesla has been testing their redesigned Model 3, known internally as Project Highland, on public roads since late last year. In most of these sightings the test cars have been equipped with the 18″ Aero rims or 19″ Sport wheels found on the current generation of the Model 3.

In the months since then we have seen the new 18″ Aero wheels (without the aero cover) on several test vehicles, and just yesterday we got our first glimpse of the new 19″ Sport wheels on a test vehicle in France.

With both wheel designs being seen on test vehicles in public, we can now share exclusive up-close photos of both. Here is our description of these new wheels that we first reported on last year.

“…the new 18″ and 19″ wheels are both finished in matte black, as opposed to the gray and silver used for the current wheels. The 18″ wheel design is similar to the current Aero wheels, but the spokes come out of the center of the wheel at more of an angle than they do now. The design of the 19″ Sport wheels is also similar to the current Sport wheels, but the spokes are not as “flat” as the current design and are more similar to the first generation Sport wheels in that respect.”

For comparison, here are the current 18″ and 19″ wheels.

Both of these wheels are obviously missing their center caps. We have yet to see what the 18″ center cap looks like, or its aero cover, but thanks to yesterday’s sighting in France we can see the 19″ center cap is just like the one found on the current 19″ Sport wheels.

Tesla is still being very tight-lipped on the new Model 3, having released no information about it. Based on recent reports that could be changing very soon as it is expected to be announced in China in a couple of days on Friday, September 1, 2023.

What do you think of the new wheel designs? Let us know in the comments below.

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