GM to end battery replacements for Chevy Spark EV

The end of the road for the Chevy Spark EV is coming up sooner than anyone could have predicted.

General Motors confirmed to EV Resource that GM would no longer offer new packs for the electric Spark.

The company does not have any in stock and will not be manufacturing any more battery packs.

The original Spark came with a 21.4 kWh battery manufactured by Chinese battery manufacturer A123. The pack provided a 131 km range on a charge, but owners saw massive drops in range and capacity in the year four or five mark.

In response, in May 2014, GM dropped A123 and started producing a new battery pack in-house with the help of LG Chem. Those battery packs had a new 19 kWh capacity and were a lighter pack than the one it replaced.

However, GM stopped producing these packs some time ago and has run out of stock.

For owners of the Spark, they have very few choices. Some third-party battery makers do exist; there might not be enough Sparks on the road to justify the expense of creating such a battery pack. Although we have yet to see an aftermarket upgrade pop-up, it is still possible.

This change means that even if your battery is still under warranty with GM, they will not be able to get your car back on the road. GM did not confirm what would happen to those vehicles still under warranty.

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