Gigafactory Shanghai parking lots are overflowing with Model 3’s in anticipation of first deliveries

A few weeks ago we saw drone footage of what we thought at the time was a parking lot with a large number of made-in-China Model 3’s.

With the first deliveries expected to happen on Monday, it appears the Gigafactory is pumping out Model 3’s at a very high rate as the latest footage from China shows those same parking lots almost completely full. Tesla has hoped to have production up to 1,000 units per week by the of 2019, and hit 3,000 per week during 2020.

The first video showed about 150 freshly produced Model 3’s, but this footage shows at least 600 waiting to be shipped out to some very lucky customers in China. The Model 3 in China qualifies for incentives, so buyers of the Model 3 will receive a subsidy of around ¥24,750 (~$4,600 CDN). That brings the price of the Standard Range Plus with Autopilot from ¥355,800 ¥331,050, or about $62,000 CAD.

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