Another Tesla Model Y Performance spotting reveals some new details about possible options

Black Model Y

Just the other day we saw a spotting of a white dual motor Performance Model Y in San Luis Obispo, California, showing off the impressive lines of the soon-to-be-released SUV.

Now another dual motor Performance Model Y has been photographed by Bhavik Patel, who spotted the prototype in Salinas, California, getting a boost at the local Supercharger. This time finished in black, Patel was able to get some up-close photos that have revealed some interesting details about possible options that will be available for the electric SUV.

Black Model Y codes

In looking at the build sticker, this particular Model Y has a BC3B option code, which according to Model 3 option codes are for the brake calipers. This appears to be the case for the Model Y as well, as this one has black brake calipers. Up until now, we have only seen the standard silver/grey calipers, and red calipers on the Performance versions.

The LTPB code, which on this vehicle has an option of ‘Lower trim PUR black’, is the same as already seen on Model 3’s.

PC30 references the base ‘No Performance Chassis’, which is interesting because this appears to be a dual motor Performance version based on the decal on the rear of the car.

WY9S we think is the code for the wheels, which in this case are the Power Sports Aero Wheels, the same as seen on the White Model Y the other day. Typical wheel codes for Tesla are WY19B, for the 19″ Sport Wheels. Perhaps this is a new code for these wheels?

Another interesting code is the BT37 code indicating it will come with the same 75kWh battery pack seen in the Long Range Model 3’s.

Then there’s the VIN for this Model Y, which ends in 00594. This indicates that Tesla has already built 594 Model Y units. In reality, they’ve likely built more than that, but this is the first indication of any kind of production numbers for the Model Y.

Check out all the photos below, including a close-up of the factory chrome delete on the door handles.

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