Giga Berlin construction continues at rapid pace, as Elon Musk says it will be completed in record time

It was only just a few weeks ago when the first true signs of construction were seen with the addition of foundation footings at the site of Giga Berlin.

Now according to the latest drone footage of the site by Tobias Lindh, workers have installed a number of concrete columns and already started putting up the first walls and roofs of the Drive Unit section of the factory.

Part of the reason for the quick set up is thanks to the use of the prefabricated construction method. Using this method, parts are manufactured off-site and brought to the site via train, where they are installed in much less time than it takes for forms to be built and concrete poured on-site.

From these photos taken today, we can see several pre-fabricated beams and wall panels arriving on a train, ready to be put up.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk commented on the construction over the weekend, saying last night that we shouldn’t be surprised if Giga Berlin is up and running quicker than the 11 months it took for Giga Shanghai, all thanks to Germany’s prefabricated construction quality.

Elon Musk tweet Giga Berlin construction

Lindh has also created a timeline comparing the construction milestones of Giga Shanghai to Giga Berlin, and it shows crews in Germany are well ahead of the impressive pace of construction in China.

Giga Berlin construction timeline July 15

When Tesla released its Q2 2020 earnings report last week, they included two interesting photos which allows to see what the site looks like now, and compare it to what it will look like when complete.

Giga Berlin currentGiga Berlin render

With construction already underway at Tesla’s newest factory in Austin, Texas, it appears that site might be completed in record time too.

Check out the full video below.

h/t [CleanTechnica]

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