FSD Beta 10.12 in Canada delayed until at least next Friday, March 11 2022

Tesla owners in Canada will have to drive very safely for at least another six days before being allowed to download Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta.

On the day the software was supposed to appear on Canadian cars, CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday night that the next version, FSD Beta 10.12, will “probably” be released in the US on Tuesday (March 8, 2022) and in Canada on Friday (March 11, 2022).

The updated timeline is disappointing news for Canadian Tesla owners who have been keeping a close watch on their Safety Score since the tool was released last week.

It is especially disappointing because of the less than optimistic use of the word “probably,” which means we shouldn’t be surprised if that deadline is missed.

All of this translates to owners having to continue driving for another week (or more) and hoping their Safety Score is at least 98 by the time the software update arrives, although even that threshold is still uncertain.


Along with the updated timeline, Musk also revealed the “single stack” FSD Beta, in which the Navigate on City Streets and Navigate on Autopilot (Highways) works off the same code base, is not yet ready for a release.

Musk said that they are almost at the point to merge the two code bases, but have not yet reached a low enough threshold of intervention on city streets in order to do so.

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