Nikola Tesla power plant built in Sandon, BC in 1897 is still operating and now powering a Tesla

A 124 year old Nikola Tesla designed and installed power plant in rural British Columbia is now powering the electric vehicle (EV) named after the inventor.

In 1897, Nikola Tesla relocated from New York to Christina Lake in rural British Columbia for three months. The inventor came to the region to install four of his 60-hertz generators.

The 60-hertz plant in Sandon is a hydroelectric power plant. The plant became the first utility in British Columbia to obtain the federal green hydroelectric certification.

Today, the Silversmith Power plant is the last remaining generator still in operation. In fact, it is the only Nikola Tesla original power station still operating in the entire world.

Amazingly, the power plant is still using the original 60-hertz generator made by Nikola Tesla in 1897.

The power plant initially provided power for the massive mining operation in the region. However, today, the power plant now provides power to Sandon and the surrounding communities, including at least one Tesla Model 3.

Although it is almost 125 years old, the power plant is still maintained and operated by the family-owned Silversmith Power and Light.

It is one of the oldest operating power plants in North America, and will soon also provide power to Zincton Mountain Village.

You can check out the full video down below to find out more about this great piece of active history in British Columbia.

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