Ford shows off their electric crate motor in a 1978 F-100

A few months ago, Ford announced their electric crate motor, the Eluminator. Well, they finally showed off the engine in a restomodded 1978 Ford F-100 truck.

The F-100 Eluminator concept takes parts from the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition. This includes the motors, battery back, centre stack display and other components.

The vehicle has two motors, which produces a combined 480 horsepower.

The familiar square body of the F-100 remains on the concept vehicle. However, Ford did add some new colours, including pale grey, bronze and chrome parts. The company even included a homage to the ’70s with stamped-metal dog dish hubcaps.

Based on the interior picture of the vehicle, the battery pack looks to provide 227 miles. However, the company did not confirm the exact range.

Although the crate motor is an exciting addition to the Ford line-up, it is unclear where people can purchase an accompanying crate battery pack.

Some in the industry are hopeful it will become an option, but nothing yet from Ford or their battery suppliers.

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