Ford dealers threatened with a $25,000 fine for selling F-150 Lightning demos

f150 lightning
Credit: Ford

With the increasing demand for the Ford F-150 Lightning, Ford significantly updated their demo program to include fines.

Ford sent a letter to all of their dealers plastered in red print warning them not to sell demo units of the F-150 Lightning early. If they do, they would face some significant consequences.

The letter reads:

The sale of any F-150 Lightning FCTP Mannequin unit to a final customer prior to meeting all in-service requirements will result in a penalty of $25,000… unless the FCTP Mannequin can be replaced with another F-150 Lightning within 90 days.

Previously, it was noted that Ford was paying dealers $250 to dealers for not selling their demo models for at least 90 days.

If the dealer kept the vehicle for 120 days, this payment would increase to $750.

If dealers do not adhere to the sale rule for the F-150 Lightning demos, the dealership will void any retail bonus cash incentives and chargeback.

In addition, it will result in the dealer becoming ineligible for future FCTP Mannequin programs.

Ford is having some problems keeping up to demand for their newest EV. Last month, the company stopped taking F-150 orders. Ford confirmed that they did not forecast stock outside of pre-ordered vehicles.

According to Ford, the company will start shipping out the F-150 Lightning demo models in mid-May. However, some dealers may be waiting longer depending on commodity availability.

Here is a full copy of the memo (via F150LightningForum)

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