SpaceX expands Starlink service to Iceland

SpaceX is continuing to expand its Starlink service to countries located at high northern latitudes, with the most recent addition being that of Iceland. The SpaceX Twitter account announced the expansion of the satellite internet service this week.

SpaceX has been able to expand their Starlink service to northern latitudes after building out its third shell of satellites. Back in June the aerospace company launched the first mission to bring 46 satellite into low-earth orbit. The completed shell consists of 346 satellites in total with a 560-kilometre circular orbit at 97.6 degrees.

This third shell has allowed SpaceX to already expand Starlink service to Alaska and all of Canada, including as far north as Alert, Nunavut. The service is also now available in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The last remaining country in the far northern latitudes without SpaceX Starlink service is Greenland. According to the Starlink availability map the company has no target date for when it intends to launch Starlink in Greenland. There is of course also Russia, but SpaceX has no plans to offer their service there.

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