Fisker reveals new details about the Pear

Credit: Fisker

Fisker has recently unveiled some new details about the Fisker Pear, an all-electric compact SUV that has a targeted starting price of US$29,900.

The PEAR will be a product of Fisker’s collaboration with Foxconn and will be manufactured in the United States at their factory in Ohio. The vehicle made its debut at Fisker’s inaugural Product Vision Day earlier this month.

One of the more interesting innovations of the PEAR is what Fisker calls the Houdini trunk. This unique trunk configuration allows the lid and glass to move down behind the rear bumper beam, safeguarding them in case of a rear-end collision. Plus, Fisker says it will be a game-changer for tight parking spaces and low-ceiling parking structures and designed to make city parking a breeze.

Inside, the PEAR boasts a “froot” – a front boot, or as its known by Tesla owners, the frunk (front trunk) that will come with an insulated option to keep food at the right temperature. The PEAR will also feature a Lounge Mode with all seats folding flat, and an optional 17.1-inch rotating screen.

Performance-wise, the PEAR will come with two battery options, with an estimated range of either 180 miles (290km) or 320 miles (515km) for long-distance travelers. There will be rear-wheel and all-wheel drive variants, plus a high-performance model named the Fisker PEAR Extreme. The PEAR will also be the first Fisker vehicle to incorporate the company’s in-house-designed High-Performance Computer, the Fisker Blade.

Manufacturing and deliveries of the Fisker PEAR are slated to start in July 2025.

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