False advertising suit moves forward against Tesla

Tesla FSD
Credit: Tesla

A false advertising lawsuit against Tesla is moving forward after the automaker failed to get the suit dismissed. Alexandro and Iaian Filippini are suing Tesla, noting on the basis that they advertised their 2016 Tesla Model S as fully self-driving.

The Filippini brothers attest that they purchased the vehicle to complete work while commuting. They note that Tesla sales staff confirmed and encouraged the plaintiff’s expectations about the vehicles self-driving abilities.

The suit notes that when the car arrived at their home, it was not autonomous. It was only after multiple updates and three years of waiting that the vehicle could use the Autopilot technology. Even then, their Tesla is still not autonomous but instead requires active driver supervision.

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Thomas Anderle ruled that the Filioppinis have sufficiently stated their allegations of fraud. Further to this, the brothers have stated their allegations that Tesla violated the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

The judge’s ruling allows the suit to move forward and heard by a jury. However, the parties could settle out of court before the lawsuit goes to court.

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