First Petro-Canada EV charging station on Vancouver Island opening soon

Until now, EV charging stations have typically been located in parking lots. Petro-Canada has plans to change that, by announcing earlier this year they will be building a network of charging stations at 50 of its gas stations across Canada, allowing drivers of EVs to easily drive across Canada.

Several have opened up already in central and eastern Canada, but the first charger west of Regina will be opening soon in Nanaimo on the Trans-Canada Highway, on Vancouver Island. It will be one of two on the island, with the other being in Victoria on the Pat Bay highway.

Map of Petro-Canada fast charging stations
Click to find a Petro-Canada fast charging station near you

The chargers at Petro-Canada will be DC fast chargers providing up to a 200 kW charge. That is enough to provide an 80 percent charge to most electric vehicles in 30 minutes. For now, charging is free, but that won’t last forever as Petro Canada has yet to determine what it will cost to charge. For Tesla owners, you will need a CHAdeMO adapter to be able to charge at these stations.

h/t [Chek News]


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