Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies launches new program to reuse or recycle EV batteries

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies announced this week the launch of its artificial intelligence “Battery Revival Program”.

With the surge in the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), the Vancouver based company hopes to reduce the amount of electronic waste (e-waste) by either reusing or recycling used EV batteries.

“As the world is drowning in waste, we all need to look for better, safer and cleaner alternatives. The surge of electric vehicles is bringing with it a wave of used batteries. Most EV batteries are deemed non-functional when they lose functionality in [just] 20% of their fuel cells,” said Bryson Goodwin, President and CEO of EV Battery Technologies.

In a press release the company said it will use its AI driven technology to “perform a proprietary rapid testing program to quickly and thoroughly analyze used batteries.”

Once the data has been analyzed, they can then determine whether the battery can be refurbished back to its original capacity. If it can’t, the battery will be reused in future Energy Storage Solutions (ESS).

EV Batt Tech ESS
Energy Storage Solutions via EV Battery Technologies

Not only is there the environmental benefit of reducing e-waste through the program, EV Batteries Technology will also see massive cost savings in the production of their ESS products.

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