Tesla’s Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence Andrej Karpathy provides update on Autopilot and FSD

Tesla FSD
Credit: Tesla

It has been a while since we had an in-depth look and were provided an update at the current state of Tesla’s Autopilot system, and its race towards Full Self-Driving (FSD). It was last year, when during Tesla’s Investor Day, that Musk revealed interesting new facts about Tesla’s progress towards autonomy.

Tesla’s Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence Andrej Karpathy recently presented at the Matroid Scaled Machine Learning Conference held earlier this year in February held just a short drive from the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California, in which he provided some new and interesting facts and statistics on Tesla and their recent progress.

In the video, which was only recently uploaded to YouTube (full video below), Kaparthy discusses how Tesla’s fleet is continually growing, now at about one million vehicles, which can constantly provide real-world data in order to “develop the brains” of the Autopilot and FSD system.

Tesla FSD computer

Karpathy also updates us on the total number of miles driven while Autopilot was engaged, now at over 3 billion miles. That amount of data, and the fact that it will only increase exponentially into the future, is one of the many aspects of Tesla that sets it apart from the ‘competition’.

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We also learn more about Tesla’s drive towards full autonomy, and what is needed to get us from where we are today to a point where our cars can drive themselves without human intervention. One of those features required to achieve FSD is the ability to have a ‘birds-eye-view’ of the car in its environment, something which the automaker is actively working on.

It’s a long watch, but filled with lots of interesting information. Check out the full video below.

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