Lifted Tesla Model Y spotted at Fremont factory

A unique looking Tesla Model Y was spotted yesterday outside the company’s factory in Fremont, hinting at a possible off-road option for the electric SUV.

The vehicle was seen by none other than Ryan from The Kilowatts, who has a proven track record of spotting unreleased versions of Tesla vehicles. Although he only caught it for a few seconds on his TeslaCam, the stills from the footage clearly show a much higher ride height and larger off-road tires.

The first thought is that this was just an employee car that has been modified with one of the existing aftermarket lift kits available for the Model Y. But we can see from the images above it has no front or rear plates, indicating this is likely a Tesla owned test vehicle.

Despite already offering an Off-Road Assist feature for the Model Y, Tesla has given no indication of actually producing an off-road version of the electric SUV. Hints of an adjustable air suspension setup were recently found in Tesla’s source code, but only for the Model 3.

Do you think Tesla will offer an off-road option for the Model Y? Would you buy it? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is the footage from the different TeslaCams on Ryan’s vehicle.

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